• Day Program Services

    Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) provides day program services to people with developmental disabilities.

    It doesn’t matter what type of funding you receive—comprehensive or Supported Living Services (SLS), these day program services are available to you!

    The first thing we want you to know is that you can receive more than one day program service at Schaefer! Some people like to work part-time and then go into the community for activities the rest of the time. We will help you plan a schedule that helps you to meet your choices and goals.

    Community Employment

    Group and Individual: Do you want a job now? We will help you find that job. We provide job development services and help you write a resume, learn how to interview and find you job openings that fit your choices. We will help you interview for the job and talk to the employer on your behalf. Once you get a job, we will provide you with a job coach to help you learn the job so that you can keep it.

    Do you want a job in the community, but need supervision at all times to ensure your safety? We have group employment opportunities for you as well. We own an electronic recycling business in the community. We hire our consumers and people without disabilities to recycle the electronics for Greeley and Weld County. Here you can work in a normal community business and receive job coaching at all time to ensure you get the supervision you receive. This type of environment is called an enclave. We are working on a new enclave in a manufacturing plant in Weld County to help employ more people who require on-going supervision to be able to work in the community.

    Community Connections (CC)

    Our community connections program offers a wide variety of activities for our consumers. The purpose of this program is to help those we serve to become more familiar with their community and what it has to offer. We also assist consumers in this program to find opportunities where they can form friendships, access educational opportunities and to learn valuable habilitation skills to help ensure safety and increased independence.We also complete volunteer work for several non-profit organizations. Our consumers are proud of the fact that they can give back to their community by helping out with these programs. Some of these volunteer opportunities include Meals on Wheels and the Weld County Food Bank. Our CC program has a high staff to consumer ratio. Typically there is one staff person for every four consumers. This allows each consumer to get the individual attention they need, but more importantly it ensures the safety of all while they are in the community. We take our seniors to the Greeley Senior Center where they participate in all of the activities with other retired people from all over Greeley. This is a totally integrated program and we help our consumers learn socialization skills as well as help them to participate in not only the activities at the senior center, but also to join their clubs such as gardening and fishing. Supervision is provided at all times to ensure their safety. We also just added a new program to our community connection services. There are some consumers who want to participate in classes and activities that others do not want to. We are all about choice and we want to honor the choices of our consumers. We have a staff person who takes one or two individuals to some of these special activities such as ice skating classes, computer education, first aid and CPR classes, therapeutic horse-back riding and several others. This special program helps us to help the consumers realize their dreams.

    Once again, consumers can participate in more than just our Community Connections day program. They can divide up their schedule and work part-time and participate in the community for the rest of the time!

    Pre-Vocational Services

    Do you want to work in the community in the near future? If so, join our prevocational services. We will teach you the skills necessary to work in the community! You will come to day program at our sub-contracting division where you will make money while you learn skills that will help you succeed when you get a community job. Not only will we help you in learning new skills, but you will help us by getting our contracts done for our customers. The faster you work, the more money you will make! We have a variety of contracts that help each person in pre-vocational to learn a specialized craft. Some of these include: full service mail shop where you can learn to fold, insert & label documents for our customers as well as learn to use our state of the art bar-coding machine and meter machine, assembly and packaging medical supplies, sports materials and many more. We use a wide variety of tools to help complete all of these contracts, and staff will train you to be able to use these tools safely and independently so you can develop your job skills. As with every service, you can choose Pre-Vocational as well as any other day service provided to ensure your choices are met!

    Specialized Habilitation

    This service is made for people who do not want to work anymore, but also don’t want to participate in our retirement program. It is also for people who have high needs and would do best in a non-integrated supervised program during the day. We complete several activities in our specialized habilitation program. We teach people to cook and then sell the fruits of their labor to the staff, we have a music appreciation class and we even teach people to play the piano if they want! We also do arts and crafts as well as creative movement. The purpose of all of these activities is to help people maintain skills such as fine and gross motor movement, memory, communication, etc. This program is always supervised ensuring the safety of everyone we serve.

    Coordination of Services

    If you receive your day program services from Schaefer, we will assign you a Coordinator. Our Coordinators help you to manage your services, they write formal training programs for you to help you learn new skills, and they work with all of your team to help advocate for you and to coordinate all of your services.

    If you would like to try one of our day program services, before you make your decision, Schaefer will set up trials for you and you can participate in the service(s) for a couple of days so that you can make better choices regarding the services you receive!

    Do you need transportation to and from your day program services? We can do that too! Click here to see our Transportation section

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