Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. operates a full-scale mailing service; including a reduced rate on postage should your mail qualify for bar-coding and pre-sorting. Our Mailshop, utilizing a state of the art bar-coding machine, has saved local businesses thousands of dollars in postage, not to mention countless hours in payroll dollars. We will even pick up your mail and deliver it to the post office by 4pm daily.

    Our quality mail services include 1st-Class Pre-Sorting, Bulk Mailing Pre-Sorting, Folding/Inserting, Labeling and Metering. Schaefer's Mail Shop services are used by businesses throughout Weld County such as hospitals, local utility companies, the University and Weld County school district.

    A new addition to the mail shop is a printing service. We can print your flyers, newsletters, announcements, or postcards. We have even helped companies design their flyers prior to printing them. We will complete merge jobs and print and affix labels to your finished product. Call us for our printing prices and you will see that they are extremely competitive. You will benefit by the quality job and the lowered costs! Colored printing is our specialty!

    For information on our capabilities, our prices and how we can help you save money, please call Veronica Griego or e-mail her at veronica.schaeferenterprises@gmail.com

    We use our state-of-the-art bar-coding machine to sort hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail a year. Our customers save thousands on postage when we process their mail. Remember, we will also pick up your mail and deliver it to the post office after processing! You have nothing to lose by letting us process your mail – but you do have something to gain! At least .04 on each piece of mail that we send out for you!