Express Shredding Solutions – Mobile Shredding Services. Established 2009! We were the first mobile shredding company in Greeley & Weld County. (See our web-site specific to our mobile shredding service at www.greeleyshredding.com).

    Do you need mobile shredding services to ensure your confidential records are destroyed in accordance with HIPAA and FACTA laws? If so, contact us.

    We provide on-going mobile shredding services

    We can collect weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. If you want on-going services, we will give you a bin and then collect it based on your schedule. (See our shredding web-site for bin sizes.)

    One Time Purge Jobs

    Do you clean up your documents once or twice a year? If so, call us, we also do one time purge jobs.

    Public Shred Days

    Are you a residential customer or a business customer with very few documents each month? If this describes you, we do public shred days on the first Wednesday and the third Friday of each month. You can bring your shredding to us and watch it being destroyed right before your eyes!

    Customer Appreciation or Community Clean Up Days:

    Do you want to show your customers how much you appreciate them? Do you want to have a community go-green day? Hire us and we can bring our mobile shredding truck to your location and shred documents for all of your customers!.

    Our service is mobile. Our truck shreds all of the paper on site. We go to your business and pick up your bin(s) and empty them into the truck. We do not leave your site until all of your documents are shred. You can watch the process from start to finish if you need the assurance that no one will see your documents prior to being destroyed.

    Our capabilities will surprise you. We have a wide range of contracts. For some, we pick up 50 bins weekly and others we pick up 1 bin quarterly. We have an excellent service record. (See Testimonials on our shredding web-site.) We can help you determine your shredding needs and the cheapest way to take care of these needs. Schaefer believes in providing fair pricing the first time. There are various discounts for small businesses, non-profits, etc.

    If you would like shredding services or even if you use another company right now, we encourage you to call us for a price quote. We have extremely competitive prices. It is important to note that some of the mobile shredding companies use automatic renewing contracts. If you don’t provide a 30 day notice prior to the end date, it will renew for 2 to 3 more years. Schaefer does not follow this practice. We do have contracts as this is a requirement for HIPAA and FACTA, but we do not automatically renew them after the first year. We believe that our customers should be able to check pricing once a year to determine if they want to continue using our services.

    Remember, we are local…. Keep your business in Greeley & Weld County!

    Call Us! Check our prices, check our references. You can also ask for our Due Diligence fact sheet which provides information on how our shredding procedures work and the steps we go through to ensure that your documents remain confidential from the time you put them in the bin until the time we pick them up and shred them.

    Business helping Business

    We can provide a cost effective, quality and timely service and in turn, our customers help us employ the people that we serve. As with all of our businesses, there is a staff person with a consumer at all times while your shredding is being completed. The staff person ensures that the job is done completely and correctly each and every time.

    For more information on our mobile shredding business, please visit our web-site at www.greeleyshredding.com, e-mail us at schaeferenterprises@comcast.net or call us at 970-353-0662. Our shredding web-site allows you to send us a bid-request. We will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving this request.