Have you grown tired of chasing after your dog with a scoop and a baggie? If so, call Schaefer's "Scoop It Up" Service to schedule a time to clean up your yard. We provide weekly services and our prices are great! For example, if you own one dog you would be charged 6.00 a week. If you own more than one dog, call us for those prices.

    We have 3 different consumers who work for SEI’s Scoop It Up Services. Each consumer has their own set of customers and their own job coach who will take them to all of their jobs and make sure they do quality work. Neither the consumer nor job coach will leave your home until all of your dog’s deposits are picked up. All of our workers are looking for new customers. We have 3 shifts a day, five days a week. This allows us to cater to your schedule.

    Let us take care of your dog’s weekly deposits :) Call Alex at 970-353-0662 or e-mail her at alex.schaeferenterprises@gmail.com for further information and to schedule your services.