SEI’s Recycling & Baling Center has been forced to discontinue the collection of any type of television or monitors. We apologize to all of our customers and would like to provide you with an explanation of why this must happen.

    First and foremost, we will continue to recycle these electronics for free: computers, laptops, servers, tablets, cell phones, basically we recycle any type of electronic that does not have glass or cathode ray tubes (CRT’s). As you might know, Schaefer is not able to collect appliances of any size. We do recycle printers and copy machines as well, however, anything over six feet, we do have to charge a small fee.

    We also will continue our paper and cardboard baling activities and our fluorescent light bulb collections. Our baling operations recycles over 25 tons of paper and cardboard a month. This recycled product is sent to end of life recycling centers to be processed and put back into the environment. Schaefer also owns a “bulb eater” machine. This machine collects all the poisons from fluorescent light bulbs and it is never opened until it is sent to an ‘end of life recycler.” Please continue to bring your fluorescent bulbs for recycling to us. As you know, these can no longer be picked up by a waste management company due to the poisons that are released into the environment once they break.

    Why Should You Bring These Electronic Items to Schaefer?

    We know that there are now several businesses – for profit and non-profit who collect electronics for free. Schaefer is one of the only non-profit agencies who does NOT use any of the recycling monies for the operations of the agency. All money earned for the recycled parts such as hard drives, circuit boards, wire, etc. are paid to the people with developmental disabilities who complete the jobs. They are paid a fair wage because all of the monies earned are given back to them. No support or administrative staff receive any money from the recycled products. The people we serve take great pride in their work and the fact that they were able to learn the level of skills required to recycle electronics! Consider us first when you have electronics to be recycled. We also offer a pick-up service for those who have a large quantity of electronics to recycle or for people who require a little extra help to get their electronics to the recycling center.

    All Televisions & Monitors:

    As you know, five years ago Colorado passed a law regarding electronic waste. This law prohibits all Coloradoans from dumping electronics of any kind in the landfill. Waste management companies were no longer allowed to take these products. There were several reasons for this law, the most important the poisons that are contained within some electronics and appliances. The other reason was to provide jobs for Coloradoans in the area of completing electronic recycling.

    Unfortunately, with this law came re-certifications for all electronic recycling centers. We are still certified to recycle regular electronics, but we were unable to become an “end of life recycler”. The cost for all the equipment and to remodel and make new clean rooms to complete the recycling of televisions and monitors would have cost Schaefer over 250,000.00.

    Televisions, Monitors & The Chemical Mercury:

    All televisions and monitors contain either a cathode ray tube (CRT) depending on their age or they all contain glass. Did you know? That the CRT’s and glass used to make televisions and monitors contain mercury which is a poisonous chemical to anyone who is around when the glass from the tv or monitor breaks. The mercury is safe as long as the glass is never broken. Once the glass is broken during the recycling process, these poisons fill the air. This is why recycling centers who wanted to continue to recycle televisions and monitors had to be certified as an “end of life” recycling center.

    When this new recycling law was passed five years ago, although we knew that we could not recycle the televisions and monitors ourselves, Schaefer wanted to continue to help our community to have some place to take their televisions and monitors. We were collecting two tons of tv’s and monitors a month. The fees we had to charge were extremely high and we knew that, but, we had to send all of these tv’s and monitors to an end-of-life recycler. Even with the non-profit fee per pound, we still were not collecting enough money to cover the expense associated with sending these to the end of life recycler.

    What is an “end of life” recycler?

    End of life recycling centers prepare all electronic waste to be re-sold and re-used for the purpose of developing new products. By using all e-waste for new products, we protect our environment. End of life recyclers must have all of the proper equipment and facilities to complete the process of taking the poisons out of items such as televisions, monitors & most appliances. The equipment and facility must protect their employees and the environment from inhaling the poisons or polluting the environment by releasing the poisons in the air. End of life recycling is an expensive process and the fees charged can be astronomical.

    The costs for Schaefer to continue to be a “pass through” for televisions and monitors is so high that we lose money on a monthly basis. The problem could be solved by charging even higher fees to our customers, however, this is not fair to our customers.

    This is why Schaefer’s Recycling and Baling Center will no longer be accepting televisions or monitors after September 21, 2018. Most waste companies will accept these items; however, you will have to also pay fees to them to provide this service.

    We apologize to all of our customers once again and hope that you are able to find a waste management company who will help you dispose your televisions and monitors.

    All Other Electronics Can be Brought To Schaefer For Free:
    500 26th Street
    Greeley, Colorado 80631
    (Put Garden City in your GPS)