Electronic Recycling and Fluorescent Bulb Collection Services -
    “Greeley’s First Choice for Electronic Recycling.”

    This is our busiest venture to date! We have provided this service since 2006 and it has grown so much that we had to move it into a bigger building in the community. Since then, so much has happened to make this business more of a success. On July 1, 2013, the State of Colorado passed a law that electronics and fluorescent light fixtures could no longer be thrown into our landfills. The law was created to help save our environment and to create more jobs in Colorado. We were way ahead of the law and when it was passed, we already had our well-respected e-cycling business up and running. When the law passed, the Department of Public Health and Safety recommended us publicly in newspaper articles as the place to bring your electronics to recycle in Greeley, Weld County & Northern Colorado.

    On November 18, 2013, we started collecting fluorescent light fixtures. You can no longer throw these in with your regular trash. They too must be collected/recycled in a different manner so that the mercury doesn’t poison our environment and us personally. You will be able to save money using our service. We purchased a machine that will crush all fluorescent fixtures and remove the mercury. Because we do the majority of the job for a certified recycling agency, we will pay less in shipping costs. Our lowered shipping costs make the price for collecting the fixtures lower for you the customer!

    We have a full web-site for SEI’s Recycling & Baling Center. For all up to date information on our electronic recycling business visit www.greeleyrecycling.com! Everything you wanted to know about recycling electronics and collection hours can be found there.

    Remember, business helping business. You will receive a quality product at a fair price and in turn, your business will help our consumers learn valuable work skills and earn a paycheck!