Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) provides day program services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These services are provided through the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver program.

    It doesn’t matter what type of funding you receive—comprehensive or Supported Living Services (SLS), these day program services are available to you!

    Schaefer provides program and employment services to people receiving both comprehensive and SLS services. These services are in integrated environments; however, individual plans have been put in place to assist each person in our services to receive the level of supervision needed to remain safe while they are participating in our program. Safety has always been the # 1 priority for the families, guardians and people we serve. In order to meet their needs, we develop individual plans for each person that is based on their needs, their choices and their health and safety.

    At Schaefer, you can choose to receive more than one service! Some people only want to work a few hours a week and then participate in community connections the rest of the week. We also provide Supported Living Services (Put a link on this word so they can get to the SLS Section). Those receiving this service can also receive personal care, money management and even cooking training!

    As we said your CHOICES are very important to us. We will provide you with exploration and situational assessments to help you to make INFORMED choices regarding the services you want to receive!

    The Supported Community Connections (SCC) program at Schaefer has under-gone many changes in order to meet the Medicaid guidelines. SCC is a program service that was developed to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explore and learn about their community. The ultimate goal of this serve is inclusion. Inclusion means that people in the program are able to participate in activities with people with and people without disabilities. It is to help them find friends who they can do activities with in the community and to learn whatever skills are necessary for them to be safe and healthy while they are in the community. The regulations specifically state: “Supported Community Connections (SCC) is not a recreational program.” In an effort to meet the regulations and to help people become an important part of their community, we have finally found the right mix. A mix where you can have fun, meet new people, volunteer your time to those in need! How? With a wide variety of different activities completed throughout the week! Who decides on the activities to complete each week? YOU DO!

    Parents, Providers, Guardians And People Served, Remember this:

    You can go to the Greeley Senior Center program! You will meet people from all over Greeley here, and play pool or shuffleboard with them! Maybe there are some people who love gardens. You can work with them to plant gardens. This is both fun and inclusive.

    Would you like to volunteer at the Weld County Food Bank? Not only is it fun, but your volunteer tasks help people who are less fortunate than you and need food to feed their children and themselves! You can also volunteer at Meals and Wheels and deliver the meals to those people who need them!

    Physical activities! We have something for everyone! You can swim, playbasketball, go to Yoga classes or learn how to Zumba! These classes are held at various places throughout Greeley and are you can meet a wide variety of Greeley residents in the classes. Once again, you have a staff person with you all the time to ensure your safety! We have never had any problems in our SCC program with health and safety! You can go to the Medicaid web-site for Colorado to verify this! Or for a slower paced physical activity, you can join the bowling league at Chipper’s Lanes!

    We have several other activities that we are planning for the summer! We found a fishing club, a gardening club, volunteer work with nursing homes! We will also be exploring IBMC and AIMS community college with our people to see if there are any classes that they would like to take during the day! If this isn’t enough, we also make sure to have swimming activities for anyone who wants to learn to swim!

    If you would like to do a trial in our SCC program, please call your Case Manager and let them know! Remember, we provide line of sight supervision at all times to all people in our SCC program. Our staff ratios are low so that we can ensure you are safe and healthy at all time!

    For more information on these services, please call 970-353-0662 and talk to Rae, Nina or Valorie. We will answer any questions you have!

    Your Choices Are Always Met in Our SCC Program!


    Are you looking to learn work skills and work ethics? We have just the right service for you! It is called Group Supported Employment. You will receive job coaching throughout the entire time you are in services. Your job coach will help you meet your employment goals!

    We have four businesses that we run from our main building. Electronic Recycling, Cardboard and Paper Baling, a Full-Service Mail and Print Shop and assembly and packaging. Here, you can learn all types of employment skills while actually performing work and being paid for it.

    Do you want a competitive job in the community one day? Let us know that, and we can help you learn whatever skills you need and want to have to work in the community!

    Dream Big! What kind of job would you eventually like to have and what do you need to be able to reach that goal! If you work in one of these businesses, you will have line of site supervision the entire time you are here and you will receive support and training to learn these jobs and the work ethics necessary to maintain a job. We will also teach you community safety skills to ensure that when you do get a job, you will have all of the skills you need to succeed.

    We hire both people with and people without disabilities to work in these in-house businesses. Everyone works side by side and helps each other out to make sure the jobs are completed to the customer’s satisfaction! If you would like this service, let your case Manager know and we can set up a trial. If you do want to work with us, you will need your social security card and a state identification so that we can put you on the payroll!

    For more information on these services, please call 970-353-0662 and talk to Rae, Nina or Valorie. We will answer any questions you have!

    Individual Supported Employment: One to One Job Coaching in a Competitive job in the community!

    Individual Supported Employment

    Schaefer owns competitive businesses that operate in Weld County. We started our first business in 2006, a doggie clean-up service and due to that success, we continued to open businesses that were needed and were LOCAL for all of Greeley, Colorado and Weld County. We hired people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to work in these businesses, and they are still going strong. Many of the people who work in these businesses need one to one job coaching at all times in order to meet their health and safety needs and working in our competitive businesses offers them this opportunity. There is always a job coach with them providing them with on-the-job training as well as assisting them in learning those safety skills necessary in maintaining their jobs and being safe at all times they are working on their jobs.

    If you are interested in applying for one of our jobs and receiving your supported employment services from Schaefer, please contact us and we can provide you with information on the jobs we have available. As always, you can talk to your Case Manager about receiving our services and do a trial in the position of your choice so that you can make an informed choice!

    Our newest venture Twice as Nice, “Not Your Average Thrift Store” is our first try at a retail business. The people we serve who work here enjoy their jobs and meeting customers throughout the day. They have learned that they have the skills necessary to learn about retail work, help our customers find specific items in specific sizes and how to use a cash register! We have had to learn along side of the people we serve and this has been an excellent team effort! We are so proud of the people who work for our store and how much they have accomplished!

    For more information on these services, please call 970-353-0662 and talk to Rae, Nina or Valorie. We will answer any questions you have!

    For more information on our business/work opportunities, click on each business link name. We run the following businesses:

    • • Business Helping Business
    • • Twice as Nice Boutique “Not Your Average Thrift Store”
    • • Express Shredding Solutions- Mobile Shredding Services
    • • Electronic Recycling & Flourecent Bulb Recycling
    • • Paper & Baling Center
    • • Full Service Mail and Print Shop
    • • Scoop It Up Service (Doggy Clean Up)
    • • Scoop It Up
    • • Sub-Contracting

    Competitive Employment:

    If you would like a job in the community and will not need job coaching services at all times, you can look at competitive employment. To receive this service, you first have to go to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and talk to them about receiving their services. The Medicaid waiver requires people to first get opened up with DVR and receive their services from a job development specialist who can help them to find a job in the community. Your Case Manager from Envision can help you to receive your services from DVR, so please make sure to call them. DVR has their own job development and job coaching specialists that they work with. They will arrange for you to do a meet and greet to meet their providers one on one so that you can make a choice on who you would like to help you to find a job in the community. Schaefer does have a job development specialist on staff that does work with DVR in finding jobs for the people who receive their services. You can meet with the job development specialist and interview them to see if you would like them to help you find a job. Once you find a job, DVR will then help you to receive job coaching so that you can learn the job from start to finish. Once you have become independent at your job, DVR will celebrate your success! Once your services from DVR are finished, it is important that you find an agency that will provide on-going follow up to you for as long as you need it at your job. This service is called job maintenance and is important for you. This service will help you to maintain your success in your job so that you can keep it for as long as you want! Talk to your Case Manager if you want to be opened up with them to find yourself a job in the community! Remember, dream big!

    For more information on these services, please call 970-353-0662 and talk to Rae, Nina or Valorie. We will answer any questions you have!