Schaefer Enterprises, Inc.
    General Information and Disclosures

    Mission Statement

    Schaefer Enterprises, Where your choices become our goals

    Equal Opportunity

    Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. shall not discriminate in service provision or personnel actions on the basis of race, creed, religious belief, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, veteran’s status or sexual preference.

    Code of Values and Ethics:

    The Board of Directors and all staff of the agency are bound by a Code of Values and Ethics.

    The most important of these principles include:

    - Protecting the rights of all persons with developmental disabilities.

    - Treating all consumers served with dignity and respect.

    - Maintain confidentiality of consumers at all times.

    - Refraining from any activity that can be considered conflict of interest to this agency.

    - Refraining from any activity that can put this agency in jeopardy of obtaining its funds or certifications.

    - Engaging in ethical business and financial practices.

    - Engaging in marketing and public education and information practices that only promote the dignity and worth of persons with disabilities.

    - Treating all customers - consumer, public, other service agencies in a professional, courteous and respectful manner.

    Any violations of the code of ethics of this agency will be investigated. Any staff member or Board member who does not perform their responsibilities and duties in accordance with the code of ethics of this agency will face termination or removal from this agency. If any consumer or stakeholder feels that the Code of Ethics have been violated by any staff person or Board of Directors, they may contact the Executive Director or the current president of the Board of Directors.

    Satisfaction of Stakeholders

    Schaefer encourages all consumers of services, parents, funding agencies and customers to provide us with input regarding our services. Once a year, we offer this opportunity formally through surveys. If at any time problems exist, you are encouraged to contact us and let us know what we can do to improve our services.

    Staff Qualifications

    All staff hired at the agency meet the minimum qualifications for their positions. Prior to being able to work with a consumer, the staff person must have a background check to make sure that they don’t have anything in their history that may cause potential harm to anyone. After they are hired, staff must receive orientation and training in areas such as rights of people served, safety, transportation, dealing with people with challenging behavior and many more. Every person receiving services must approve the staff people who work with them at the time of the individual Services and Support Plan. Additionally, prior to allowing our staff to work with you, they must perform their work under the supervision of a manager for at least a 5 day period. If the supervisor feels the individual can work with you unsupervised, a recommendation is made to the Executive Director to allow them to work independently. These careful hiring practices ensure that you will be safe and respected while in services.

    We hope this fact sheet has been helpful to you in learning more about our general agency guidelines. If you would lie any information relating to this fact sheet, or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Valorie Randall, Executive Director. Her phone number is 970-353-0662 and her e-mail address schaeferenterprises@comcast.net

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