• Our Mission Statement:

    Schaefer Enterprises, Inc., located in Greeley, Colorado, is a multi-faceted organization offering a wide range of services to people with DISabilities as well as business owners throughout northern Colorado.

    Schaefer is a501© (3) non-profit corporation, and we have been providing services to people with intellectual and developmental disABILITIES in Weld County, Colorado since 1952. Our longevity in the community is a testimony of the quality of services that we provide to the people we serve. Some of the people at Schaefer have been there for 50 years!

    In order to ensure that we continue to grow with the times and provide quality services, we are constantly reviewing our services and implementing our quality management tools to ensure that problems are identified and improvements are made as soon as possible. We also have our Board of Directors complete person served satisfaction surveys to ensure that their choices are being met and that the services provided are centered around their needs. In May, 2019, we held Satisfaction Surveys with our parents and people served and are proud to say that 100% of the people surveyed were satisfied with the services they received.

    Our mission, "Schaefer Enterprises ... Where Your Choices Become Our Goals," serves as the basis of our vision and guides the everyday activities of all staff employed by the agency! We develop different tools to help our people served communicate and make informed choices relating to the services they receive. Once we become aware of their choices, our mission is to put supports and services in place to help them meet these goals and realize their dreams!

    At Schaefer Enterprises, quality of life and person centered services are of utmost importance to us. Our vision for the future is to help create "a world without barriers for people with intellectual and developmental disABILITIES.”

    In 2006, Schaefer began developing community businesses in an effort to help the people we serve to work in a competitive and inclusive job in the community. At that time, unemployment was high and finding jobs for the people was difficult. In addition, some of the people served who wanted to work in the community required one to one supervision at all times. Even though finances were tight, the agency found the ways and means to start its first business which was a doggy service for busy community members. The people who applied for these jobs and were hired were those who needed to have constant supervision to ensure their safety in the community. They were able to have a one to one job coach AND meet and befriend several members of the community. Since that small business, we have successfully launched other endeavors including a mobile shredding company and a thrift store selling new and used clothing! The people we serve who work in these businesses make minimum wage or above and are have met thousands of community members! They are included in their community AND receive the supervision they need to ensure their safety at all times! Even though the provision of person centered thinking services was not required yet by Medicaid, Schaefer began providing these individualized services when we began developing work, inclusive and competitive services for the people we served!

    Schaefer will continue to grow and provide a wide variety of services that meet the needs of the people served. Click on the links to learn about our services and our businesses!

    If you are a person with disabilities interested in our services, you can learn more about the various programs and activities we provide by clicking on these links:

    If you would like to work in one of our competitive businesses or if you are a business owner, click on the links below to learn more about these opportunities!