Schaefer Enterprises Full-Service Mail & Print Shop

Schaefer Enterprises Full service Mail

  • Did you know that Schaefer has a full-service mail shop with a state of the art bar-coder? If we send out your mail for you, the postage will be much less then when you send it out yourself! We just purchased a new automated sorter and it does the majority of the work for the post-office which is why you will save money on your postage by having us send it out for you.
  • Example: Your mail – 250 pieces per week or 13,000 pieces a year = $5720.00 (regular postage).
  • Using Schaefer=s Full Service Mail Shop – 13,000 pieces a year = $5005.00 Savings of $715.00 a year. Call for pricing and additional services we can provide.
  • Our couriers deliver your inter-office mail or packages from one location to the other, picking up your mail and bringing it to the post office or to our full-service mail shop. Available -5 days a week.
  • Schaefer also will print your statements, flyers, any special print jobs you might have.
  • Our employees will also fold and insert your statements or any other mailings at a fair price.
  • Your work will be quality checked each day so you need not worry about any problems or if your mail was sent out on time.
  • We also do second and third-class mailings so you are able to save money on this postage as well.
  • If you have never seen a full-service mail shop in action, check us out at 410 15th Street in Greeley. You will learn how the bar-coding and meter machine work and how your mail is sorted for cheaper postage.

For any questions call Julene Ulibarri,Management Assistant;
or Alex Antillon, Director at 970-353-0662 or 970-451-5128

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