Medicaid Approved Provider Agency for IADD Services

Schaefer Enterprises is an approved Medicaid provider for home and community-based waiver services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are licensed to provide services to people who are 18 years old or above. In order to maintain our certification with Medicaid, Schaefer must meet all rules and regulations relating to the provision of these services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Schaefer also maintains and meets the Medicaid final rule by providingonly Person Centered Thinking (PCT) services. These words might sound confusing, but they simply mean that we will only provide the services that YOU want. We listen to your dreams and choices and help you reach those by learning whatever skills are necessary to help you reach your goals! We develop individualized plans and services that are specific to you and your wants and needs!Our staff receive several hours of training in Person Centered Thinking each year to make sure that they are up to date on all new techniques to help you meet your goals. Schaefer completes satisfaction surveys with all people served every two years and we are pleased to say that 100% of the people we serve are happy with their services. In order to maintain our home and community-based waiver certification, we are surveyed by the State of Colorado every three years. If you would like to check on us to see if we had any issues or complaints made against us, please go to this web-site and enter Schaefer Enterprises, Inc.

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How to Access Our Services:

If you would like to receive your services from Schaefer Enterprises, Inc., you can go to your Case Manager and ask them to come to our services. Just to make sure that you are making an informed choice, Schaefer will set up trials for you to make sure you know what services we provide and what we do in those services.

Once you have your trial, you will have more information about our programs and you can make an informed choice as to whether you would like us to provide your services!

If you would like a competitive job, you must first be opened with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). They can help you to get the funding you need to find a competitive job. Once you are opened up with DVR, you can make a choice as to whether you would like Schaefer to provide your services!

Envision: 970-339-5360

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: 970- 353-5409

We Look Forward to Serving You and Making Your Dreams a Reality!