Schaefer’s staff must go through a rigorous training program before they can work with our consumers. This orientation program meets all state regulations. It also involves testing to ensure that each new staff person has learned their responsibilities and how to work with people with developmental disabilities.

    We do not hire any staff person until we complete background and reference checks. We also have to check their Department of Motor Vehicles record to make sure that they are properly licensed and do not have more than 4 points off of their license.

    Once the staff person is hired, we complete a wide variety of training with them to make sure that they understand their job responsibilities. A great deal of our orientation is geared towards teaching staff how to interact with our consumers and to treat them with respect at all time. We also provide several training sessions on how to keep a consumer safe while they are on the van or out in the community.

    A supervisor also works side by side with their new staff during their first two weeks of employment. Once the supervisor feels that the new staff person has learned their job, they will allow the staff person to work on their own.

    As part of our quality improvement program, supervisors will also complete random monitoring with their staff. This means that they will make surprise visits to ensure that a staff person is providing quality services to their consumers and treating them with dignity and respect. Our transportation supervisor follows her staff while they are driving their routes to ensure that the driver is following all of the transportation rules. If any problems are identified during these random visits, these problems are dealt with swiftly to ensure that services improve immediately.

    You can be assured that the staff who work with you will always keep you safe and treat you with dignity and respect.