Schaefer Enterprises Recycling

Electronic Recycling and Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Schaefer continues to recycle electronics for Greeley, Weld County & Northern Colorado. Electronics such as: laptops, computers, keyboards, cell phones, tablets, servers, etc. are accepted for free.
  • Due to the fact that we are not certified to recycle any electronic with hazardous materials – i.e. televisions – any type or monitors, we serve as a pass-through for people in Weld County who are unable to dispose of these items due to the law regarding electronics. We must send these items on to an end of life recycling center in Denver and we do have to pay them to take the televisions and monitors. Because of this, we do have to charge a fee to dispose of these items safely. Any type of television or monitor with a CRT tube will cost between 50.00 – 125.00 depended upon it’s size. LED or Smart televisions are monitors will cost between $25.00 and 75.00 dependent upon the size. WE CAN NOT accept projector televisions as these are not recycled by anyone including end of life recycling centers. Please call in advance to get correct prices from our business assistant.
  • We do not accept any appliances such as microwaves, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • We do recycle the electronics listed above at our recycling center at 420 15th Street. We disassemble them down to their last screw, destroy the hard drive if any and then sell the scrap to the end of life recycling center. This is why there is no charge for items such as laptops, computers, cell phones, etc.
  • Due to the fact that printers or copy machines do not have scrap that can be sold, we will disassemble them, however, we do charge a fee for these. That fee is 25.00 to 100.00 depending on the size.
  • If you want to find out ahead of time whether we will accept any item and what the cost would be, please call us at either 970-353-0662 or 970-346-8406.
  • You can drop off your items at our 420 15th Street, Greeley, Colorado location and our employees will assist you in unloading your electronics.
  • We also have a cardboard and paper baling center. We recycle these and send them on to be re-used. Bring your cardboard to us at no cost and we will recycle it!
  • Did you know that we also recycle fluorescent bulbs of any length? These items can no longer be thrown away in a landfill and we have a machine called “The Bulb Eater.” It will recycle the bulbs and separate the hazardous materials from them keeping our environment safe! Please call us to find out the price for recycling your fluorescent light bulbs.

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