If you live at home or in your own apartment or house, you will receive Supported Living Services (SLS). You can receive a wide variety of services through the SLS Medicaid Waiver. You can receive the services described above – Supported Community Connections (SCC), Group Job Coaching or Individual Job Coaching through this waiver. In addition, you can also receive services to help you to be as independent as possible in the community. These services are provided in your home or in your community. For example:

    • Personal Care Services: You can receive help in learning personal hygiene, how to keep your home clean, washing your dishes, and several other skills that you need to maintain your independence in your home.

    • Enhanced Homemaker: You can receive formal training in the area of taking care of your home, making a grocery list and learning how to go shopping and how to manage your money.

    • Mentorship: We would like you to become as independent as you can, mentorship services can help you to learn how to call your landlord when there is a problem, or how to meet people in the community and form friendships with them, how to manage your money so that you can pay your bills, but also have money left over to do something fun!

    There are several skills that you can learn through these imported SLS services. It is important o know that for many of these services an agency has to have a Home Care Agency license. This license comes from the Department of Health and Human Services and ensures that the agency providing the services meets all of their requirements. For example, our staff receive training on how to complete services such as personal care and how to provide you with training and support to help you learn the skills and enhance your independence. Schaefer is a licensed Home Care Agency provider, so we are able to provide these services to you in your home.

    If you would like to receive any of these services, your Case Manager can help you. They will arrange a “meet and greet” with providers who have a Home Care Agency license and you can make your choices based on the results of these meet and greets! We hope that you will think about us providing these services if you need them. Once again, these services are provided based on YOUR CHOICES!

    For more information on these services, please call 970-353-0662 and talk to Rae, Nina or Valorie. We will answer any questions you have!