Schaefer will provide you with services to and from your home for the services that we provide. If you have a competitive job in the community, you will need to talk to your Coordinator to determine if we can provide the transportation. Our transportation times are very specific and we are unable to provide transportation at nights or on weekends. If you have an independent job in the community, your Coordinator will help you to figure out your transportation needs. Otherwise, if you receive any of our SCC or supported employment services, we will provide you transportation to and from those services.

    Our drivers receive hours upon hours of training on driving safety and they are monitored constantly to make sure that they are driving safely. We take our transportation program seriously and can assure you that our program is run with safety as its priority! We have a wide variety of vehicles to ensure that we can transport people with physical disabilities as well. When you choose one of our services, we will set you up with transportation and provide you with your pick-up and drop-off times. We provide transportation five days a week!