• Our Mission Statement:

    Schaefer Enterprises, Inc., located in Greeley, Colorado, is a multi-faceted organization offering a wide range of services to people with DISabilities as well as business owners throughout northern Colorado.

    A 5013© non-profit corporation, we have been providing services to people with developmental disABILITIES in Weld County, Colorado since 1952. We provide services through Envision – which is the Community Center Board for Weld County.

    Our mission, "Schaefer Enterprises ... Where Your Choices Become Our Goals," serves as the basis of our vision and guides the everyday activities of all staff employed by the agency! We develop different methods to help our consumers communicate and make informed choices relating to the services they receive. Once we become aware of their choices, our mission is to put supports and services in place to help them meet these goals and realize their dreams!

    At Schaefer Enterprises, quality of life and person centered services is of utmost importance to us. Our vision for the future is to help create "a world without barriers for people with developmental disABILITIES.”

    Schaefer Enterprises – “The Best Kept Secret!”

    Schaefer is a unique organization. Since 1952, we have provided a wide variety of rehabilitation services to people with developmental disABILITIES. This is what we are best known for.

    But did you know that we have been dubbed:

    “The Best Kept Secret”?

    Throughout the years, we have started several businesses in an attempt to help our consumers become employed and earn a paycheck. We also operate these businesses to help bring in additional income which is used to improve the quality of the services that we provide.

    We operate a mobile shredding company, electronic recycling plant, “doggy clean up services” a full-service mail shop and print shop and a manufacturing plant which offers several sub-contracting opportunities for all of northern Colorado!

    Our web site has been designed with the accessibility needs of people with developmental disabilities in mind. We have made it easier for current and future consumers to learn as much as they can about the services that we offer.

    We want to encourage business owners throughout northern Colorado to navigate to our business section/operations of this web-site to discover all of the services we have to offer! You will find that we can help you save money and that the quality of the work we complete is exceptional! While we are helping you, you help us by providing work for the people with disabilities that we serve!

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